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Ersag Products Catalog and Price List 2022

Ersag Products Catalog and Price List 2022. European and American Ersag products. Now you can buy Ersag products from America and Europe.

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Ersag Products Global Catalog and Price List 2022

CodeName of the productMember
101Ersag Washing Powder For White Linen 1000 gr13,64 EUR17,05 EUR
102Ersag Color Washing Powder 1000 gr13,64 EUR17,05 EUR
104Ersag Drop 500 ml13,86 EUR17,33 EUR
105Ersag General Cleaning9,68 EUR12,10 EUR
106Ersag Carpet Shampoo 1000 ml9,68 EUR12,10 EUR
107Ersag Bath And Wc Cleaner10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
108Ersag Rinse Aid For Dishes 500 ml7,70 EUR9,63 EUR
109Ersag Furniture Cleaner 500 ml7,70 EUR9,63 EUR
110Ersag Car Cleaner 250 ml7,70 EUR9,63 EUR
111Ersag Collar Spray 250 ml7,70 EUR9,63 EUR
112Ersag Clean Ball Massage Creme 200 ml21,34 EUR26,68 EUR
113Ersag Degreaser 1000ml12,98 EUR16,23 EUR
114Ersag Degreaser 1000ml11,66 EUR14,58 EUR
115Ersag Bath Wc With Apparatus 1 Lt11,88 EUR14,85 EUR
116Ersag Liquid Hand Soap 1000 ml11,88 EUR14,85 EUR
117Ersag Laundry Fragrance 1000 ml7,70 EUR9,63 EUR
118Ersag Dishwashing Liquid 1000 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
119Ersag Liquid Hand Soap 1000 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
120Ersag Creme Shampoo 1000 ml13,64 EUR17,05 EUR
121Ersag Shampoo Without Creme 1000 ml13,64 EUR17,05 EUR
123Ersag Carpet Matich 1000 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
124Ersag Shower Gel / Syringa10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
125Ersag Shower Gel10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
126Ersag Liquid Hand Foam 1000 ml16,28 EUR20,35 EUR
127Ersag Liquid Hand Foam (Without Apparatus) 1000 ml12,76 EUR15,95 EUR
135Ersag Lufterfrischer Anti-Raucher 500 ml9,24 EUR11,55 EUR
136Ersag Air Freshener – Spring Breeze 500 ml9,24 EUR11,55 EUR
138Ersag Body Lotion10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
139Ersag Hand Lotion 200 ml12,10 EUR15,13 EUR
141Ersag Day Care Lotion 100 ml18,26 EUR22,83 EUR
142Ersag Night Care Lotion18,48 EUR23,10 EUR
143Ersag Anti-Cellulite Lotion 200 ml23,76 EUR29,70 EUR
145Ersag Haargel – Feuchtes Erscheinen 200 ml8,36 EUR10,45 EUR
147Ersag Hair Gel – Normal View 200 ml8,36 EUR10,45 EUR
149Ersag Air Freshener – Exclusive 500 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
152Ersag Leather Cleaning Liquid 500 ml10,34 EUR12,93 EUR
156Ersag Roll-On 50 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
157Ersag Bio - Shampoo 1000 ml (With New Cover)24,20 EUR30,25 EUR
158Ersag Hair Care Tonic 200 ml30,25 EUR37,81 EUR
159Ersag Hair Reducing Lotion20,68 EUR25,85 EUR
161Ersag Drop 1000 ml18,70 EUR23,38 EUR
163Ersag Baby - Shampoo 300 ml12,10 EUR15,13 EUR
164Ersag Facial Cleansing Milk 200 ml14,08 EUR17,60 EUR
165Ersag Face Tonic (For Dry Skin)14,08 EUR17,60 EUR
166Ersag Face Tonic (For Normal & Oily Skin) 200 ml14,08 EUR17,60 EUR
167Ersag Foot Care Creme 200 ml13,64 EUR17,05 EUR
168Ersag Dishwashing Liquid 1000 ml11,88 EUR14,85 EUR
169Ersag Foot Care Spray 125 ml11,66 EUR14,58 EUR
182Ersag Dishwasher Cleaner16,28 EUR20,35 EUR
183Ersag Forming And Styling Body Gel 300 ml33,00 EUR41,25 EUR
184Ersag Forming & Styling Shower Gel 1000 ml17,38 EUR21,73 EUR
186Ersag Baby - Oil 200 ml14,08 EUR17,60 EUR
188Ersag Tooth Paste 100 Mg10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
189Ersag ironing Spray 500 ml9,24 EUR11,55 EUR
196Ersag Creme Shampoo 300 ml8,36 EUR10,45 EUR
197Ersag Shampoo Without Creme 300 ml8,36 EUR10,45 EUR
198Ersag Bio - Shampoo 300 ml (With New Cover)14,08 EUR17,60 EUR
204Ersag Strawberry - Tooth Paste 75 Mg9,24 EUR11,55 EUR
206Ersag Moisturizing Lotion With Argan Oil 100 ml26,62 EUR33,28 EUR
207Ersag Wet Wipes7,26 EUR9,08 EUR
208Ersag Shampoo With Argan Oil 1000 ml23,32 EUR29,15 EUR
209Ersag Shower Gel With Argan Oil 1000 ml15,40 EUR19,25 EUR
212Ersag Drop 1000 ml20,02 EUR25,03 EUR
213Ersag Bayan Roll-On 50 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
214Ersag Men Deo Roll On10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
215Ersag Hair Care Oil 100 ml16,06 EUR20,08 EUR
222Ersag Shampoo With Argan Oil 300 ml13,20 EUR16,50 EUR
224Ersag Clean Ball Massage Creme 100 ml14,08 EUR17,60 EUR
225Ersag Hand Lotion 100 ml7,70 EUR9,63 EUR
226Ersag Face Cleansing Gel 200 ml15,18 EUR18,98 EUR
227Ersag Wet Wipes1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
228Ersag Spring Scented Bath And Wc Cleaner 1000 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
229Ersag Matic Dishwashing Gel15,84 EUR19,80 EUR
230Ersag Eye Contour Care Lotion26,40 EUR33,00 EUR
231Ersag Cream For Mature Skin 100 ml41,80 EUR52,25 EUR
233Ersag Hand Cleaning Gel 100 ml5,06 EUR6,33 EUR
234Ersag Lip Balm5,50 EUR6,88 EUR
236Ersag Dishwashing Detergent With An Apple Scent10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
237Ersag Body Care Creme 200 ml11,44 EUR14,30 EUR
238Ersag Sun Oil 200 ml22,44 EUR28,05 EUR
239Ersag Shampoo With Propoplis (For Normal – Oily Hairs) 1000 ml24,20 EUR30,25 EUR
240Ersag Shampoo With Propoplis (For Normal – Dry Hairs) 1000 ml24,20 EUR30,25 EUR
241Ersag Shower Gel11,88 EUR14,85 EUR
242Ersag Shower Gel / Syringa11,88 EUR14,85 EUR
243Ersag Shower Gel With Argan Oil 1000 ml17,38 EUR21,73 EUR
244Ersag Forming & Styling Shower Gel 1000 ml19,36 EUR24,20 EUR
245Ersag Creme Shampoo 1000 ml15,62 EUR19,53 EUR
246Ersag Shampoo Without Creme 1000 ml15,62 EUR19,53 EUR
247Ersag Bio - Shampoo 1000 ml (With New Cover)26,18 EUR32,73 EUR
248Ersag Shampoo With Argan Oil 1000 ml25,30 EUR31,63 EUR
249Ersag Shampoo With Propoplis (For Normal – Dry Hairs) 1000 ml26,18 EUR32,73 EUR
250Ersag Shampoo With Propoplis (For Normal – Oily Hairs) 1000 ml26,18 EUR32,73 EUR
251Ersag Liquid Hand Soap With Propolis 1000 ml12,76 EUR15,95 EUR
252Ersag Liquid Hand Soap With Propolis 1000 ml14,08 EUR17,60 EUR
253Ersag Smell Of Laundry 500 ml9,24 EUR11,55 EUR
254Ersag Spring Scented Bath And Wc Cleaner 1000 ml11,88 EUR14,85 EUR
255Ersag Dishwashing Liquid 1000 ml11,88 EUR14,85 EUR
256Ersag Shampoo With Propolis For Normal To Oily Hair 300 ml9,90 EUR12,38 EUR
257Ersag Shampoo With Propolis (For Normal To Dry Hair) 300ml9,90 EUR12,38 EUR
258Ersag Baby – Shower Gel10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
259Ersag Hair Care Cream 200 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
260Ersag Face Cream With Black Cumin Oil17,60 EUR22,00 EUR
261Ersag Shave Balm 150 ml9,68 EUR12,10 EUR
263Ersag Sun Milk24,20 EUR30,25 EUR
264Ersag Eye Pencil (Black)12,10 EUR15,13 EUR
265Ersag Eye Pencil (green)12,10 EUR15,13 EUR
269Ersag Eye Pencil12,10 EUR15,13 EUR
270Ersag Saint John’S Wort18,26 EUR22,83 EUR
271Ersag Amira Hand - Body Care Cream 100 ml7,70 EUR9,63 EUR
272Ersag Amira Hand And Body Lotion With Amira Ladies Perfume27,50 EUR34,38 EUR
274Ersag Whitening Cream17,82 EUR22,28 EUR
275Ersag Amir Men'S Perfume With Amir Shaving Balm24,20 EUR30,25 EUR
287Ersag Gold Mask 150 ml15,40 EUR19,25 EUR
288Ersag Pearl Face Mask15,40 EUR19,25 EUR
301Ersag Deo Spray Fresh5,50 EUR6,88 EUR
302Ersag Deo Spray Exotic5,50 EUR6,88 EUR
316Ersag Aloe Vera Extract Shampoo 300 ml9,90 EUR12,38 EUR
317Ersag Horse Chestnut Shampoo And Olive Extract 300 ml9,90 EUR12,38 EUR
318Ersag grapefruit Shampoo 300 ml9,90 EUR12,38 EUR
319Ersag Shampoo With Chamomile Extract 300 ml9,90 EUR12,38 EUR
320Ersag Bb Creme Light Tone 50 ml12,10 EUR15,13 EUR
321Ersag Bb Creme Dark Tone 50 ml12,10 EUR15,13 EUR
334Ersag Willow Tree Cream19,36 EUR24,20 EUR
350Ersag Curtain Washing Powder 500 gr.8,25 EUR10,31 EUR
351Ersag Smell Of Laundry 1000 ml13,20 EUR16,50 EUR
352Ersag Oral Spray With Propolis 30 ml14,96 EUR18,70 EUR
353Ersag Lavender Oil 20 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
354Ersag Liquid Hand Soap With Chamomile Extract 100012,32 EUR15,40 EUR
355Ersag Camomile Extract Shower Gel 1000 ml14,30 EUR17,88 EUR
362Ersag Laurel Leaves Extract Liquid Soap 1000 ml15,40 EUR19,25 EUR
370Ersag Cleanball Moisturizing Hand Gel 300 ml15,40 EUR19,25 EUR
371Ersag Cleanball Moisturizing Hand Liquid 300 ml15,40 EUR19,25 EUR
373Ersag Lavender Water 200 ml10,56 EUR13,20 EUR
374Ersag Hand Disinfectant 100 ml6,60 EUR8,25 EUR
375Ersag Hand Disinfectant 1000 ml21,12 EUR26,40 EUR
376Ersag Hand Disinfectant With Apparatus 1000 ml22,00 EUR27,50 EUR
378Ersag Pine Bar Extract Cream 100 ml17,60 EUR22,00 EUR
380Ersag Shower Gel With Pine Bar Extract 1000 ml15,84 EUR19,80 EUR
381Ersag Cherry Seed Oil 30 ml8,80 EUR11,00 EUR
386Ersag Skin Care Oil - 4 Piece Mixture 50 ml21,12 EUR26,40 EUR
387Ersag Aromatic Massage Oil 100 ml21,12 EUR26,40 EUR
389Ersag Hyaluronic Acid Serum22,88 EUR28,60 EUR
394Ersag 17,60 EUR22,00 EUR
503Ersag Price List Pack Of 100,80 EUR1,00 EUR
505Ersag Travel Bag22,66 EUR28,33 EUR
508Ersag Empty Apparatus 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
510Ersag Product Catalog(Pack Of 50)23,32 EUR29,15 EUR
511Ersag Product Catalog1,64 EUR2,05 EUR
512Ersag Liquid Hand Foam Apparatus 500 ml3,52 EUR4,40 EUR
514Ersag Hand Foam Pump2,20 EUR2,75 EUR
517Ersag Testir Freezia Women'S Perfume 10cc.4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
519Ersag Testir Gardenya Women'S Perfume 10 cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
520Ersag Testir Poyraz Men'S Perfume 10cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
521Ersag Testir North Men'S Perfume 10cc.4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
522Ersag Wind Men'S Perfume Test 10 cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
523Ersag Testir Bora Men'S Perfume Without Alcohol 5 cc3,08 EUR3,85 EUR
524Ersag Testir Açelya Women'S Perfume Without Alcohol)5 cc.3,08 EUR3,85 EUR
525Ersag Certificate (Pack Of 3)0,88 EUR1,10 EUR
526Ersag Marketing Workbook2,20 EUR2,75 EUR
527Ersag Marketing Workbook (Pack Of 2)4,00 EUR5,00 EUR
530Ersag Empty Apparatus Degreaser 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
531Ersag Empty Apparatus Bath Wc 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
532Ersag Empty Apparatus Liquid Soap 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
533Ersag Empty Apparatus Dishwashing Liquid 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
535Ersag Empty Apparatus Shower Gel 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
536Ersag Testir Lodos Men'S Perfume 10 cc.4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
537Ersag Empty Apparatus Bio Shampoo 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
538Ersag Empty Apparatus Cream Shampoo 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
539Ersag Empty Apparatus Cream-Free Shampoo 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
540Ersag Empty Apparatus Shower Gel Lilac 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
541Ersag Empty Apparatus Drop 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
542Ersag Pump Head 1 Lt0,88 EUR1,10 EUR
543Ersag Spray Head0,88 EUR1,10 EUR
544Ersag Pump Head0,66 EUR0,83 EUR
545Ersag Empty Apparatus Styling Styling Shower Gel 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
546Ersag Empty Apparatus Argan Oil Shampoo 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
547Ersag Boş Aparat Argan Yağli Duş Jeli1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
548Ersag Boş Aparat Propolis (Normal-Yağli Saçlar) Şampuan1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
549Ersag Boş Aparat Propolis (Normal-Kuru Saçlar) Şampuan1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
550Ersag Testir Ayaz Men'S Perfume 15cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
551Ersag Ocean Men'S Perfume Test 15cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
552Ersag Reyya Women'S Perfume Test 15cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
554Ersag Empty Apparatus Liquid Soap With Propolys 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
555Ersag Promotional Bag36,61 EUR45,76 EUR
560Ersag Empty Apparatus Spring Bath Wc 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
561Ersag Empty Apparatus Apple Dishwashing Liquid 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
564Ersag Goji Berry Creame 50 ml25,96 EUR32,45 EUR
565Ersag Sun Cream 50 Factor 100 ml17,60 EUR22,00 EUR
566Ersag Testir Ahenk Women'S Perfume 10cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
568Ersag Testir Bkr Men'S Perfume 10cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
569Ersag Perfume Test Bag60,50 EUR75,63 EUR
571Ersag Empty Apparatus 600 ml2,42 EUR3,03 EUR
572Ersag Food Supplement Packaging (Not İncluded İn The Score.)2,20 EUR2,75 EUR
574Ersag Ersag Carton Bag (1 Piece)0,66 EUR0,83 EUR
577Ersag Testir Amir Men'S Perfume 10cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
578Ersag Testir Amira Women'S Perfume 10cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
579Ersag Bags (3 Pcs)0,60 EUR0,75 EUR
580Ersag Bag (1 Pcs)0,20 EUR0,25 EUR
582Ersag Cloth Bag (1 Pcs)3,30 EUR4,13 EUR
584Ersag Empty Apparatus Daisy Hand Soap 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
585Ersag Empty Apparatus Daisy Extract Shower Gel 300 ml1,98 EUR2,48 EUR
586Ersag Empty Apparatus Defne Extract Liquid Soap 250 ml1,32 EUR1,65 EUR
587Ersag Empty Apparatus Pine Bar Extract Shower Gel 300 ml1,80 EUR2,25 EUR
588Ersag Ersag Testir Lilies Women'S Perfume 15cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
590Ersag Ersag Testir Chrysanthemum Women'S Perfume 15cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
594Ersag Ersag Testir Lavender Women'S Perfume 15cc4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
596Ersag Testir Esila Women'S Perfume 15 ml4,18 EUR5,23 EUR
1001Ersag Poyraz - Men'S Fragrance 100 cc28,16 EUR35,20 EUR
1002Ersag Kuzey - Men'S Fragrance 100 cc28,16 EUR35,20 EUR
1003Ersag Rüzgâr - Men'S Fragrance 100 cc28,16 EUR35,20 EUR
1004Ersag Bora - Men'S Fragrance 100 cc (Alcohol-Free)41,80 EUR52,25 EUR
1005Ersag Lodos - Men'S Fragrances 100 cc28,16 EUR35,20 EUR
1006Ersag Ayaz - Men'S Fragrance 100 cc28,16 EUR35,20 EUR
1007Ersag Okyanus - Men'S Fragrance 100 cc28,16 EUR35,20 EUR
1008Ersag Bkr – Men’S Fragrance30,36 EUR37,95 EUR
1009Ersag Amir Men'S Perfume 100 cc.24,20 EUR30,25 EUR
2000Ersag Moringa Tea12,76 EUR15,95 EUR
2001Ersag Goji Berry İçeren 5'Li Form Çayi12,76 EUR15,95 EUR
2002Ersag 4 in 1 Coffee16,50 EUR20,63 EUR
2003Ersag Ersag Reishi Mushroom42,90 EUR53,63 EUR
2004Ersag Ginseng41,80 EUR52,25 EUR
2005Ersag Ginkgo Biloba44,00 EUR55,00 EUR
2006Ersag Lepidyum (Maca)40,70 EUR50,88 EUR
2007Ersag Ersag Blond Psyllium Husk41,80 EUR52,25 EUR
2008Ersag St. John'S Wort Herb28,60 EUR35,75 EUR
2009Ersag Artichoke Leaves38,50 EUR48,13 EUR
2010Ersag Chaste Tree Extract35,20 EUR44,00 EUR
2011Ersag Omega-330,80 EUR38,50 EUR
2013Ersag Liquid Propolis25,30 EUR31,63 EUR
2014Ersag Akgünlük (Boswellia Serrata)40,70 EUR50,88 EUR
2015Ersag Cüce Palmiye (Saw Palmetto)40,70 EUR50,88 EUR
2016Ersag Spirulina Extract30,80 EUR38,50 EUR
2017Ersag Olive Leaf Extract11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
2018Ersag Moringa33,00 EUR41,25 EUR
2019Ersag Astragalus33,00 EUR41,25 EUR
2020Ersag Glucosamine&Chondroitin&Msm50,60 EUR63,25 EUR
2021Ersag Omega 3 Liquid (Strawberry Flavor17,60 EUR22,00 EUR
2022Ersag Food Supplements Which Contains Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginin, Ferula Communis, Epimedium And Royal Je 0,00 EUR
2023Ersag Gotu Kola, Horse Chestnut, grape Seed, Coenzyme Q1035,20 EUR44,00 EUR
2024Ersag Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D23,10 EUR28,88 EUR
2025Ersag Black Cumin Oil (Gel Capsules)30,80 EUR38,50 EUR
2027Ersag Curcuma & Ginger40,70 EUR50,88 EUR
2028Ersag Cat’S Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)41,80 EUR52,25 EUR
2029Ersag Gourmet Coffee16,50 EUR20,63 EUR
2031Ersag L-Carnitine, Chitosan, green Tea Extract, Garcinia, Mate Leaf, Paprika30,80 EUR38,50 EUR
2032Ersag Probiotic Microorganisms And Ascophyllum Nodosum30,80 EUR38,50 EUR
2033Ersag B Vitamin Complex24,20 EUR30,25 EUR
2034Ersag Royal Jelly41,25 EUR51,56 EUR
2035Ersag Pollen19,80 EUR24,75 EUR
2038Ersag Vitamin C Capsule (Supported With Orange And Rose Hip Extract19,80 EUR24,75 EUR
2049Ersag Tumeric Z53,90 EUR67,38 EUR
2050Ersag Propoli̇S Plus 20 ml25,30 EUR31,63 EUR
2052Ersag Pro 36036,96 EUR46,20 EUR
2057Ersag Plus Olive Leaf Extract 30 ml11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
2062Ersag Coconut Oil 270 gr.28,16 EUR35,20 EUR
2063Ersag Black Elderberry25,30 EUR31,63 EUR
2064Ersag 4 in 1 Coffee Powder 350 gr.24,64 EUR30,80 EUR
3000Ersag 4 Sets Of Storage Containers For Food (4.5 Lt / 2.5 Lt / 1.2 Lt / 0.5 Lt / Pump)48,00 EUR60,00 EUR
3002Ersag Fresh Storage Box (4.5 Lt.)34,32 EUR42,90 EUR
3004Ersag Fresh Storage Box ( 1,2 Lt.)11,44 EUR14,30 EUR
3005Ersag Fresh Storage Box ( 0,5 Lt.)7,04 EUR8,80 EUR
3006Ersag Vacuum Pump For Food Storage Jars4,00 EUR5,00 EUR
4004Ersag Aspir Oil 250 ml17,60 EUR22,00 EUR
4006Ersag Poppy Oil 30 ml9,68 EUR12,10 EUR
4009Ersag Protec 2018,48 EUR23,10 EUR
5001Ersag Krizantem - Women'S Fragrances 100 cc30,36 EUR37,95 EUR
5003Ersag Lilyum - Women'S Fragrance 50 cc30,36 EUR37,95 EUR
5004Ersag Gardenya - Women'S Fragrance 50 cc23,32 EUR29,15 EUR
5005Ersag Açelya - Women'S Fragrance 50 cc (Soft)35,64 EUR44,55 EUR
5006Ersag Reyya - Women'S Fragrances 50 cc23,32 EUR29,15 EUR
5007Ersag Lavinya Edp Women'S Perfume 100cc30,36 EUR37,95 EUR
5007-1Ersag Lavinya - Women'S Fragrance 50 cc23,32 EUR29,15 EUR
5008Ersag Ahenk Women'S Perfume 50cc23,32 EUR29,15 EUR
5010Ersag Esila Women’S Fragrance30,36 EUR37,95 EUR
5011Ersag Amira Edp Women'S Perfume 100 cc.22,00 EUR27,50 EUR
5012Ersag Frezia Edp Women'S Perfume 100 cc30,36 EUR37,95 EUR
5013Ersag Ahenk Edp Women'S Perfume 100 cc30,36 EUR37,95 EUR
5014Ersag Gardenya Women'S Perfume 100 cc30,80 EUR38,50 EUR
6004Ersag cc Cream Light Tone 50 cc13,00 EUR16,25 EUR
6005Ersag cc Cream Dark Tone 50 cc13,00 EUR16,25 EUR
6006Ersag Concealer (Color Code 01)12,00 EUR15,00 EUR
6007Ersag Concealer (Color Code 02)12,00 EUR15,00 EUR
6008Ersag Concealer (Color Code 03)12,00 EUR15,00 EUR
6009Ersag Concealer (Color Code 04)12,00 EUR15,00 EUR
6010Ersag Dipliner11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
6015Ersag Liquid Lipper (Color Code 100)11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
6016Ersag Liquid Lipper (Color Code 101)11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
6017Ersag Liquid Lipper (Color Code 102)11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
6018Ersag Liquid Lipper (Color Code 103)11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
6019Ersag Liquid Lipper (Color Code 104)11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
6020Ersag Liquid Lipper (Color Code 105)11,00 EUR13,75 EUR
6021Ersag Mascara (Extra Double Volume) 6.5 gr14,00 EUR17,50 EUR
6022Ersag Mascara (Volume-Water Resistant) 8 gr12,00 EUR15,00 EUR
6023Ersag Makeup Base (Matting) 40 ml27,00 EUR33,75 EUR
6024Ersag Make-Up Cleaning Water 200 ml9,60 EUR12,00 EUR
6025Ersag Terracotta Allik (Kod 201)28,80 EUR36,00 EUR
6026Ersag Terracotta Allik (Kod 202)28,80 EUR36,00 EUR
6027Ersag Terracotta Allik (Kod 203)28,80 EUR36,00 EUR
6028Ersag Terracotta Allik (Kod 204)28,80 EUR36,00 EUR
6029Ersag Headlight Palette30,40 EUR38,00 EUR

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